venerdì 18 gennaio 2019

Do animals have souls? Shaw and Chesterton debate - The Guardian archive

George Bernard Shaw, Hilaire Belloc and GK Chesterton in 1927

In a contribution to the second instalment of a symposium on "Have Animals Souls?" which appears in the May number of "Animals," Mr. George Bernard Shaw says: –
"What is a soul? Unless it is a specific acquisition like a spine, appearing at a certain stage in evolution, it is difficult to regard it as an exclusively human characteristic. However, there is nothing unreasonable or improbable in this view, which is virtually that of the Roman Catholic Church, and is indeed the common view amongst us.
"The line it draws may (if you have a fancy that way) be drawn lower down, to include dogs or even beetles. Survival after death is another matter altogether. A man may believe that he has a soul, and that a dog has a soul, without believing anything so monstrous as that he and the dog as individuals are going to live for ever."

Il resto nel collegamento qui sotto:

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