LONDON — Devotees of G.K. Chesterton are celebrating the news that Beaconsfield planning authorities have rejected plans to demolish the acclaimed Catholic writer and philosopher's former home, Overroads.
Italian Intervention
News of the saving of Overroads has spread quickly around the globe. Marco Sermarini, the president of the Italian Chesterton Society, had written to the Beaconsfield planning authorities. He stated in his submission that the destruction of this "beautiful house would be a great loss" and that it would be better to preserve "this noble house so meaningful for European culture, a symbol of hope for people all over the world." He added that he spoke on behalf of hundreds of members of the Italian Chesterton Society and, no doubt, many more thousands of Chesterton devotees across the globe. Reacting to the latest news, Sermani told the Register: "Grande! This is great news. I hope that now we can work to give real value to Overroads. England should recognize this man as one of her best sons."
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