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Il necrologio di Padre Brocard Sewell su The Guardian.

Father Brocard Sewell

As priest and printer, he nurtured literary talent and sparked a continuous series of intellectual and theological debates

Father Brocard Sewell, the Carmelite friar who has died aged 87, was a scholar, theologian, printer and brilliant connoisseur of 1890s decadence. He will be fondly remembered as the friend and patron of young poets, whom he published in the Aylesford Review. A small, owlish man in his brown habit, with a quizzical but imperturbable expression, he was an unforgettable figure on the fringes of English literary life - he had the strange mix of innocence and sharp intelligence that seems to flourish more creatively in a religious order than in the outside world.

It was characteristic that Brocard experienced monastic life in three religious orders, having tried out the Dominicans and Austin Canons before settling down with the Carmelites at Aylesford in Kent. His friendships were similarly adventurous. He would speak affectionately of Diana Mosley and Henry Williamson, Christine Keeler and Colin Wilson. The level of his tolerance of human oddity was part of his extraordinary charm.

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