domenica 3 dicembre 2023

Notizie e saluti dalla Chesterton Collection di Londra - 1

Gli amici della Chesterton Collection, oggi al London Global Gateway sotto l'ala della Notre Dame University di Londra, ci indirizzano ciclicamente una lettera che nei prossimi giorni condivideremo un po' per volta con voi. Ecco il saluto iniziale. È in inglese ma per chi fa difficoltà consigliamo di utilizzare il traduttore, molto accurato.


Dear Friends of the Chesterton Collection,

Happy Autumn! Since our last newsletter, we have reached some major milestones in our Collection project work. We are happy to report that a selection of the toy theatre characters and sets are currently with a professional conservator, in the process of being stabilised and repaired. The rest of the toy theatre are being digitised at The British 

Library, which enables us to both preserve these unique pieces of G.K. Chesterton's artwork and share them with a wider audience in the future. It has taken a great deal of work to reach this point, and we greatly look forward to being able to share the results in the future. Our cataloguing project continues with over 650 volumes now listed on our public catalogue. The works in translation have proved particularly challenging, but persistence, patience, and the judicious use of Google Translate has proved invaluable.

In addition to groups of our own London-based students, we have welcomed visitors from as far as Australia, the Philippines, and the United States. We have provided resources and access to researchers working on Chesterton's perspectives on eugenics, distributionism, and his role as an apologist. We have hosted sessions for graduate students from the Institute for Human Ecology at CUA and undergraduates from the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies, whose week-long visit to the UK included a treasured opportunity to discuss Chesterton with Aidan Mackey as well as time with the Collection here in London.


We thank you for your continued support of the G.K. Chesterton Collection and the University of Notre Dame. We welcome all who are interested in the Collection—if you would like to arrange a visit please contact


Best wishes from the Notre Dame London Global Gateway

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