venerdì 8 febbraio 2019

Booze, cigars and a halo? Chesterton sainthood cause awaits approval | Dale Ahlquist sulla santità di Chesterton - da Crux

Alcool, sigari ed un'aureola? La santità di Chesterton attende l'approvazione.

di Elise Harris


Udris completed his preliminary investigation in the summer of 2018 and filed his final report with Doyle. According to Ahlquist, the next step would be for Doyle to approach the Vatican's Congregation for the Causes of Saints for a nihil obstat, meaning a declaration that "nothing stands in the way" of the cause going forward.
Once that happens, a "petitioner," meaning the one who formally asks for the cause to be opened, will be named and selects a postulator in charge of carrying the cause forward.
Ahlquist said he does not know whether any of these steps have yet been taken, but voiced hope that there will be fresh movement soon and that the Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton would be chosen as the petitioner.

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