mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Il nostro amico Dermot Quinn su Radio Vaticana (english)

G.K.Chesterton revisited...

(Vatican Radio) Professor Dermot Quinn is an historian and a Chesterton scholar who is currently Associate Director of the 'Chesterton Institute for Faith and Culture' situated at Seton Hall University,New Jersey,United States.

In an interview with Vatican Radio's Veronica Sarisbrick, Professor Quinn places Chesterton into an historical context while highlighting his relevance in today's society:
"He spanned the late Victorian , Edwardian and Georgian period. He was someone who was at the centre of the journalistic, political and economic debates of his time..and I think he's a person of our time today...."

Professor Quinn also points to the importance recent popes have attributed to him. Popes such as Benedict XVI, now Pope Emeritus and Pope John Paul I.

Among the quotes mentioned by Veronica Scarisbrick in this feature is an excerpt from the imaginary letter of John Paul I to Chesteron written prior to being elected Pope as part of a collection of letters to illustrious people.

In this programme Professor Quinn also sheds light on Chesterton's conversion to the Catholic faith and touches on the lighter sided to his personality ...

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