mercoledì 20 giugno 2012

Torniamo ancora sui Mumford and Sons

Ecco cosa dice Marcus Mumford, lead vocal dei Mumford & Sons, band londinese di cui proponemmo la canzone The Cave, contenente una citazione letterale del San Francesco d'Assisi di GKC, a proposito di Outline of Sanity (Il Profilo della ragionevolezza, in Italia pubblicato da Lindau):

"I have been preoccupied finishing off our next Book Club book, which, I am very happy to announce, is: The Outline of Sanity by G.K. Chesterton. It's changed my life quite a lot, it's fairly serious, it's somewhat political, and is my first dip into these rather dizzying and very terrifying waters. But it has gripped me and inspired me and said things I haven't known how to say but that I feel quite strongly, and so thought it was appropriate for the Book Club".

"I was slightly blown away by people's response to The Outline of Sanity. Partly just cos so many people successfully found it! I haven't recorded my reaction to it here, and I'm actually fine with that (this isn't just a cop out)… I feel this book, even more than any others, is so brilliantly written and explained, that any of my attempted commentary won't really add to it. It's also ridiculously dense, and so rich that there's just too much to talk about in a pretty limited blog.
Suffice to say it's changed my life; but I don't expect it to, or even feel that it must, have the same effect on everyone! I think even if you disagree vehemently with what GKC puts forward, it's still a really refreshing experience to read such well considered and intriguing lines of argument. Especially now, on pretty hot topics like 'big vs small business', 'private vs public ownership', 'the man-made vs the natural', etc. The actual political ideal of Distributism, I'm still getting my head around, if I'm honest. But his thinking and his writing are just plain bitchin, in my very humble opinion!".
Interessante, no? E comunque suonano e cantano bene, e le canzoni hanno dei testi poetici.

Per chi fosse interessato, il 2 Luglio saranno a Verona e il 4 ad Ancona. Chi può, li saluti a nome del presidente della SCI...

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