martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Schweizer mette in mezzo Chesterton.

Sembra che Peter Schweizer, intellettuale conservatore americano, abbia iniziato il suo ultimo libro Throw them all out con Chesterton. Ecco la domanda dell'intervistatrice del National Review Online e la risposta di Schweizer:

"KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: You open the book with Chesterton. Is there really anything new under the sun if Gilbert Keith was on to it? Or is there just nothing new under the sun?

PETER SCHWEIZER: Chesterton understood that politicians are capitalists. They are looking to enrich themselves in office. What is new under the sun is the methods they use. The old methods —- bribes, kickbacks, etc. —- are old hat. They are inefficient, not cost-effective, and they can get you thrown into jail. So instead of taking a bribe for $10,000, the Permanent Political Class in Washington gets access to special IPO shares of stake that will net them ten times that amount in a day. Or they buy stock options with inside information and double their money. And let's not forget those land deals where they use earmarks to boost their own property values. It's all very profitable. And has the added advantage of being legal".

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