martedì 2 aprile 2013

Thinking Trivially about Radical Orthodoxy - dal blog Second Nature

E' una segnalazione del nostro amico Stratford Caldecott. Parla anche di Marshall McLuhan, e parte da alcuni pensieri di Hilaire Belloc.

In 1936, Catholic historian Hilaire Belloc published an essay, “The Counter-Attack Through History,” in which he urged Catholics to become better historians and to adopt what he called a “spirit of hostility” in discussions of history. At the center of his critique of the Catholic historical apologetic is “an ingrained habit of the defensive,” an approach which surrenders strength to those on the offensive by acquiescing to their worldview (Belloc 93). Belloc saw this habit of constantly resorting to the defensive as almost always leading to failure since it results in three errors: being led off into detail and distracted from the historic problem as a whole, acquiescing to points where Catholics should not, and allowing one’s mind to be warped by accepting a history with a distinctly anti-Catholic bias (93-94).

Il resto qui.

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