lunedì 2 settembre 2019

The world needs St. Gilbert Keith Chesterton - Crisis Magazine

Dale Ahlquist nostro amico ci dà dei buoni motivi per cui Chesterton dovrebbe essere fatto santo.
First of all, Chesterton was not anti-Semitic, and those who say so are either ignorant or malicious. I am only too happy to shed light on their ignorance or expose their malice.
But let's not get waylaid with that nonsense. Let's talk about what is truly true and truly important.
Let's talk about why the world needs Saint Gilbert Keith Chesterton.
This was a good and holy man whose life and writings continue to point others to Christ in his fullness. That means, not only getting Catholic doctrine right, but also getting Catholic social teaching right. It means loving God and loving neighbor—the strange tension that seems to separate the Right and the Left, because neither side can manage to do both.
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