mercoledì 18 settembre 2019

Chesterton and Humour: A talk by Fr. Ian Ker - 13 Novembre 2019

Join the London Global Gateway for a discussion on G.K. Chesterton, with a talk from Fr. Ian Ker:
‘Chesterton and Humour’ argues that Chesterton’s preoccupation with humour extends far beyond his famous jokes. His 'Autobiography', a book strangely neglected by his biographers, shows only too clearly how important a role humour played in his thought and writings. For him, comedy was just an important an art form as tragedy. 
Far from being the opposite of serious, humour was sometimes the only way of being serious. It was essential for religious faith as humility demanded the ability to laugh at oneself.

6:00 p.m. Registration and welcome
6:30 p.m. Keynote
7:15 p.m. Q&A
7:30 p.m Reception

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