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G. K. Chesterton’s ‘Way of Wonder’: Q&A with Author Dale Ahlquist - America Magazine intervista Dale sul suo ultimo libro.

Il mensile America Magazine, dei Gesuiti americani, intervista Dale Ahlquist sul suo ultimo libro Way of Wonder (La via della meraviglia): 

Due lacerti dell'intervista che merita di essere tutta letta, il primo sul libro:

What is "the way of wonder" referenced in your title?

Christ said that unless we become like little children we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. One of the most childlike qualities is wonder. Chesterton re-introduces astonishment at creation, at the gift of life. "The best kind of giving," he says, "is thanksgiving."

Il secondo sul distributismo:

As an alternative to these doomed systems, they advocated distributism, a dispersal of ownership after the fashion of the medieval European guild system. What do you think about the feasibility of their suggestions for our world today?

I suppose the best response is that capitalism and socialism have not turned out to be feasible either. The present state of the world is a monument to the failures of capitalism and socialism. Chesterton and Belloc's ideas are based on the Catholic social teaching of Pope Leo XIII. This teaching would be feasible if all or even most Catholics embraced it. We could change the world. It is the idea that an economy should be based more on the family's interest rather than the individual's or the state's interests.

If more people were self-sufficient and independent, we would have a more stable economy. Widespread wage slavery makes people dependent and also passive. It leads to an entitlement mentality and the inability for us to do things for ourselves and take control of our lives. The good news for distributism is that more and more people are dissatisfied with things as they are: That is why there is a renewed interest in Chesterton's ideas about this.

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