lunedì 23 febbraio 2015

Un passo dell'Uomovivo, ma lo vogliamo in inglese...! E' molto bello! E ricordiamoci che tutto quello che luccica è oro.

"What would be the good of gold," he was saying, "if it did not glitter? Why should we care for a black sovereign any more than for a black sun at noon? A black button would do just as well. Don't you see that everything in this garden looks like a jewel? And will you kindly tell me what the deuce is the good of a jewel except that it looks like a jewel? Leave off buying and selling, and start looking! Open your eyes, and you'll wake up in the New Jerusalem

"All is gold that glitters
Tree and tower of brass;
Rolls the golden evening air
Down the golden grass.
Kick the cry to Jericho,
How yellow mud is sold;
All is gold that glitters,
For the glitter is the gold.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Manalive

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