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Notizie (in inglese!) dalla Chesterton Library di Oxford

** Greetings from the GK Chesterton Library in Oxford!

~Welcome to our bi-annual newsletter~
Keeping you up to date with developments at the Library
and sharing news from the wider Chestertonian world.
"When a politician is in opposition he is an expert on the means to some end;
and when he is in office he is an expert on the obstacles to it."
Illustrated London News ( , April 6, 1918
Here are some delightful photographs from Library Trustee Patricia Baker-Cassidy (Aidan Mackey's daughter) taken at Chesterton's house, Top Meadow:
A little figure, half medieval peasant, half dancing wood goblin...

The front door handle, with his initials! Just look at the craftsmanship.

We were delighted to receive the following visitors* over the course of the last six months:
* Laura Schmidt, Archivist of the Marion E. Wade Center of Wheaton College, Illinois, USA, and her companions. [The Wade Center is known for its collection of Chesterton and six other related authors.]
* In July, Ron Ratliff and Fr Daniel Ryan, and David Foley and his parents.
* Rebecca Ryland, who previously visited the Library as part of the Second Spring Summer School, and her companion.
* Alfonso Diaz Vera and his wife Annelie Hufnagel. Alfonso is an economist, researching on Belloc at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Spain.
* Dale Ahlquist, from the American Chesterton Society, with his son Gabriel, fitted the Library into his crowded schedule of Chestertonian visits around the country.
* Michael and Melissa Garza from de Paul University, Chicago, USA. Also revisiting the Library at that time was Luke Foster, also from Chicago, who some years ago worked on the Library catalogue.
* A revisit from Tara Newby and her husband, on their way to their new home in Korea. Some years ago, Tara recorded a number of interviews with Aidan Mackey, and she renewed her acquaintance with him over lunch at the Trout Inn.
* Jozef Kosc, from Oxford's Green-Templeton College (just up the Woodstock Road).
* The Revd David Pickering is the Vicar of some lovely Oxfordshire villages (around Kingston Bagpuize and Fyfield) and is researching at Worcester College, Oxford into Chesterton, Natural Theology and Apologetics.
* In October, Professor Michael Alexander, Professor Emeritus of English Literature at St Andrew's University, Scotland. His book "Mediaevalism : the Middle Ages in Modern England" (2007, now also in paperback) has a chapter "I have seen…a white horse" dealing with Chesterton and others.

Eric Tippin gave a lecture earlier this month for the Oxford Lewis Society on "GKC as a Stylist". We also want to offer him our congratlations on recently completing his in English Literature at Cambridge. Eric's research investigates the ways in which literary forms and styles, from individual sentences to whole genres, make possible unique ways of thinking. His PhD thesis, entitled, "Playing Modern: Essaying, 1880–1920, Wilde, Chesterton, Woolf", examines the periodical essay as a literary form at the turn of the twentieth-century in Britain. He made use of the GKC Library in completing his dissertation.​
We wish you all a blessed Advent, and Christmas when it comes!
[Image: The Virgin and Child from St Teresa's in Beaconsfield, by P. Baker-Cassidy.]

** Wider still and wider


The Sierra Leone Chesterton Center have been undertaking some amazing work supporting the education of women recently. You can read all about it here (  but this is the kernel: "The Country Director of the Sierra Leone Chesterton Centre said his organization will continue to help poor families build their own capacities, maintain and sustain a healthy living through an understanding of 'distributism', sharing our God-given resources as much as possible to all members of our society. According to him SLCC has supported 105 projects including 35 farmer cooperatives in the last eight years." Stratford Caldecott would have been particularly delighted as the SLCC was very close to his heart.

Journalist Melanie McDonagh recently gave a talk in London for The University of Notre Dame (USA) in England on "Chesterton: Polemicist...and Theologian". Our own Aidan Mackey introduced her ( !

The annual American Chesterton Society Conference was held in Orlando from August 2-4, with the theme of "The Test of the Imagination". If you missed it, you can download the talks here ( .

On Saturday 11th October the Croatian Chesteron Club went on a its first pilgrimage, to the shrine of Our Lady of Jerusalem in the Croatian town of Krapina. They report having a marvellous day, and are planning more outings - as well as another "ChestFest" in May 2019!

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